MAYA Prays for Rain launch!

Ochoa...Maya Prays for Rain cover

We are CELEBRATING the launch of MAYA PRAYS for RAIN illustrated by our Ana Ochoa, who lives in Mexico and has been with us for a nice long time, and busy, but this is her FIRST PICTURE BOOK!!! a big moment!  The Publisher is Kar-Ben, a Lerner imprint, and an old friend of CATugeau LLC so we’re especially pleased.  I hope many of you will check out this fun book… and Ana… we send a BIG HUG of congrats for a job well done!  now onto the next…..

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Celebrate Maggie and Milo!

Burris Magi and Milo Friends

Today is the happy launch day for the new Maggi and Milo book from our artist Priscilla Burris and the author Juli Brenning published by Dial Books!!!  They are Making New Friends and it’s such a fun romp!  Congratulations All!

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Everyday hero…

Sometimes just getting up and getting out to make something happen is a heroic act.  I have to brag a wee bit today…. as my dear husband Bill (70 this year!) checked off a BIG Bucket List item for himself this Dad’s Day past.  He road from our home in Wmsbrg to Richmond and Back again on the Capital to Capital bike trail...102 miles!  His first ‘century ride’ on a bike!

And now, not even one week later,  we’re prepping to leave for the Cape Cod Getaway again over this weekend next….his forth year riding the 150 miles from Boston to P’town for MS.  Our son-in-law Christy’s Chris (!) is riding with him for the 3rd time too.  It’s quite a feat all around to get the six of us (two small children this year too!) up and out and THERE!….and we like to then stay up on the cape the rest of the week so he/they/we can recoup and relax into summer a bit too.

So the ‘CATugeau Agency’ will be on the road and on the Cape the next week….conferencing, enjoying each other and celebrating not so small heroic acts!

Bill at trail head Dad's Day

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missing DAD!


A personal image this time for the blog….because Dad’s are on ALL our minds!

My dear dear Dad George Stevenson Hughes MD with one of my son’s Jeremy Tugeau (and today an illustrator, gallery painter, and art teacher!- as well as Dad now of 3!)  at our CT home years ago … before the lung cancer that took Dad in 2001 at 80.  Family resemblance for sure….they had a bond.  The bit of the ‘twinkle in the eye’ in youth perhaps?  still miss the heck out of him. Often start to pick up the phone to run a thought by him! …a psychiatrist, but mostly my DAD.  So bright and patient and loving and solid.  I am a lucky daughter to have the memories….may they pass on in our legacy.

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For the love of books!

Jane recently Posted on her blog about how many  of the ‘industry health’ articles are mistakenly optimistic in a way….stating that hard cover book sales are ‘up’ and ebooks ‘down’ etc etc…..    Her opinion is that it’s different from projected due to a few things ‘they’ often don’t take into consideration.  Do check out her site and articles…always very interesting.

I have been often tempted to write a post about the ‘industry weather’ these days using my own experience and that of the articles I read as well from various sources.  For some reason I’ve been hesitant, and now see that it was a ‘gut response’ that I did need to heed. Jane uses several grafts from Nielsen’s Book Sales Reports for the overall US market that are very visually helpful in understanding what has been happening since 2010 and what segments are doing what.  Now, we know numbers can be manipulated in politics and book sales to read how one wants them to….but this is a great source.  Check them out….  Basically they do show that ebooks are slightly less a share % of the whole book market since 2014 (20% 2015 – 23% 2014) but that difference isn’t that much a difference with general sales up a bit anyway.  And the higher prices of ebooks since 2013 might be one reason fewer are sold. As well as perhaps an ebook saturation point might have been reached and it’ll hold flat now. Something to watch.  Print IS up but the sales are heavily effected by the 12 million coloring books that sold in 2015 as compared to the 1 million the year before. When that cools off…what then?   Big  5 publishers share is declining as small and self publishers are gaining share. (and this is only including books with ISBN…traditionally published!)

Children’s book reports in PW seem to be so fast with their ups and downs for the kids print (board, Pic Bk, middle and YA) that I don’t have a chance to celebrate the good news in a post before it changes and reverses!  LOL! Over all, in my day-to-day experience and article over views, I’d say it looks like we nicely hold our own over the long-range and keep on keeping on! That IS healthy. One foot in front of the other! The quality of books is amazing! If it’s harder to get published by the big 5 these days, so be it….maybe it leads to better books more often?!  And the existence of vital smaller presses is a very healthy thing for the industry always.

I love to read! – adult books of all kinds as well as the kids books that grace my life.  (do read the Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George …trade paperback…talk about books healing!)  I read some on my Nook (yup!) because it’s easier for my poor hands to grasp.  I read some in hardcover, like the HUGE City On Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg, which I liked (though my book club did not generally thank me for oops), but my hands did not . Kids books I always read in hard cover…. nicer when one or more of my 8 grandkids is snuggling and ‘helping’ me turn the pages.  Point being, my gut thinks the overview of all of this that, for the LOVE OF BOOKS already!….the book market is keeping and adding new active participants  all the time.  We are lucky and blessed to be a part of this industry in whatever way we can make that happen….as writers, readers, illustrators, editors, AD’s, agents, sellers, buyers… lets just keep doing our best and sharing it with the book world…hard, soft, ebooks, audio, online…it’s all about stories, information, and pleasure.






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proud review for Burris!

always love good news….and today brought happy review for Priscilla Burris and author Brenning and their new Maggi and Milo Make Friends from PenguinRandomHouse/Dial…..
SLJ (June 2016)
BRENNING, Juli. Maggi and Milo Make New Friends. illus. by Priscilla Burris. 32p. Dial. Jul. 2016. Tr $16.99. ISBN 9780803737761.
K-Gr 1
Maggi and her dog Milo are back, and this time they are expanding their crew. Maggi is skeptical to say the least when her mom takes her to the park “because it’s Tuesday and the sun is shining and you might make a new friend.” Why would she need a new friend when she has Milo—“Mammals of all Mammals, the Hercules of Dogs?” Worse yet, dogs are not allowed on the playground. Despite this, Maggi decides to give it a try: “Milo, I’m going in!” As readers may have anticipated, much fun ensues, as Maggi and her new pals play hide-and-seek and tag, swing, sing, and, of course, walk Milo. Well, they walk Milo once the appropriate price is paid in the form of numerous found nature objects (dandelions, sparkly rocks, roly-poly bugs, etc.). Then, in a surprising twist, Maggi thanks her mom for taking her to the park. Brenning’s text is spot-on, and there are several amusing asides. It is ably supported by Burris’s watercolor digital artwork, which depicts great facial expressions, just enough detail, and a refreshingly multicultural group of playmates. VERDICT Brenning has penned another winner. This is a charming selection with a great message to boot.–Catherine Callegari, Formerly at Gay-Kimball Library, Troy, NH

Burris Magi and Milo Friends

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We were thrilled and delighted to see that we were tagged in this Tweet from Giuseppe  Castellano Senior AD at Penguin Random House, featuring many of the postcards that we just sent out for our Spring Mailing!! I think it’s important for everyone to read the article that he wrote on the subject of postcards. Here it is: . THIS is why we do it!! He’s right on about the importance and usage of postcards – we hear this across the board. Even if they don’t yield immediate results, they are working! So nice work, CAT artists! Let’s keep it up!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.09.49 PM

This is  how the tweet came across out FB page apparently….thought it interesting in itself. Do visit our website for more… with links to FB and this very THE WAY TUGEAU blog there as well.  LOTS of images!  Have to mention that as we visit offices of publishing clients we SEE how they DO in fact keep their favorites and POST them on their walls…some on the hallway walls for all to see!  it’s SO exciting and great to see our artists works (some years old too!) on the walls of AD’s and editors.  It one way to promote yourself that WILL work …with a lot of timing luck and consistently good work.  Yes, Keep it up!

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