“OMG! Too funny!” Choices sometimes come with funny consequences, and this pic I’ve been dying to share! It’s our fearless leader, Christy Tugeau Ewers, while giving an online-crit to the SCBWI Nebraska Group and laughing at something she said….I just love it! (and her,I have to add!) ANYWAY….. back to choices…..

All ART (as does LIFE) comes down to CHOICES – and every choice eliminates (or alters) countless others!

That itself can be rather overwhelming to take on! Particularly certain days, and certain choices! But as my esteemed current painting teacher ( David Dunlop – check him out!) says….”BREATH!!” And oddly my wonderful Yoga instructor Ari says the same thing….each class! BREATH! Know what? It works. It clears the innately natural paths for decisions. It makes the next move less scary and less stiff and less earth shattering. (it helps deal with all sorts of pains actually!) It’s all OK….as long as we keep breathing with intention. AHHHHHH…

I share this because it’s been drummed into me lately. I have had a lot of serious and less serious choices to make these past couple of years. And here I am- having survived them and actually in SOME ways flourished with some of them. Breathing still….and still making choices.

I share this because I KNOW you artists and writers make these seemingly SO important choices every day….forgetting that in MOST cases, there isn’t a right or wrong…. Just a choice. It’ll be ok. I have chosen to not write as many blogs recently as I might have wished at other times. As I’m semi retired now (but still so lovingly happy to be a small part of this industry!) you’d think I’d have MORE time to expound on so many things! But I’ve spared you! That was a choice. Your welcome! But this seemed something I did want to share.

Make the choices …. JUMP IN! try not to worry! just PLAY and move forward and try new things, and be grateful for the learning experience if it works….and even if it doesn’t! We do tend to learn more from failure than success oddly. So it’s OK! Usually you can go back and try something else if you don’t like the results anyway! And if not….accept the reality, and move beyond it as best you can.

Illustration, as all art forms (and again, life!) is loads of little choices, ie put this in, take that out, no- put it back in again, change the color, change the character! add a character, change the expression. Maybe the choices are whether or not to take the job…. work for hire, lower advance than you’d like, not as much time as you’d like, not sure you LIKE the story! It can seem overwhelming and so very important. But look at pros and cons for TODAY (tomorrow’s choices might be different!) and decide. If you can’t ….leave it for tomorrow….it will still be there! Maybe it’s a choice of keeping your day job or going freelance. Scary for sure and not always a good idea if you can handle both. Or maybe it is for you at just this time! in either case, if one thing doesn’t work, try the other later. I’ve happily learned how fast and flexible the years actually are! It’ll be OK! Just stay on your feet and keep moving. Choices….

stay on your feet and keep moving forward…. illustrations from CAT artist Priscilla Burris
and It’s all CHOICES! and happy MISTAKES !!!…. hahaha!

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