A ‘nutcracker’ of a year?…..

I  have always loved Nutcrackers…. collected a few while my kids were young and every Thanksgiving they come out of the antique chest they call home the rest of the year and hang around until sometime after New Years.

This year my youngest granddaughter is turning 6 and her party today is a trip to the movie ‘Nutcracker! ‘ So I did up a life sized clock and several nutcrackers to use as decorations with her party decor at the theatre.  Seemed right and happy!

Then it occurred to me how appropriate these weirdly smiling men and woman ‘nutcrackers’ are this year!  It’s been ‘a time’ for sure.  Personally and nationally challenging.  But we stand straight, chin up and carry on with a smile and a strength that comes from somewhere deep and good…. love, loyalty and a good story that supports us!  And I’m sticking to it…..

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  In a world pitching in the waves of doubt and chaos from many sides, we DO have so much to be thankful for.  So much to hold onto.  So much to gratefully share with the next generations.  Life was never meant to be easy!!  But it is meant to be cherished.  Thank YOU!


yes I borrowed ideas from various magazines and sites but changed them all to MY ideas and interpretation.  One DOES have to be careful and respectful of copyrights !

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