New Beginnings…..again

Last night’s mid term election and all that went before has led me to think about ‘new beginnings.’  They are usually well intended! full of optimism and creative thought and intentions.  We had a ‘new beginning’ around September this year  this and every year…..along with the new box of crayons, a new outfit for first day, and hair sparkling clean and brushed!  We have ‘new beginnings’ Jan 1 each year…also full of fresh intention and goals.  We clean out our studios and organize ourselves to push ahead and expand our minds and body of work.  Then after tax season we have another sort of new start….with more business creativity and awareness.  Surely there is a birthday, or several, in between where we appreciate the past years, and plan, hope and prepare for the new one with positive enthusiasm. Then summer starts again with yet another ‘new beginning’, change of rhythm and plans to do better and be better.

Thank heaven for ‘new beginnings!’….. but lets remember that we NEED these.  We NEED to reassess, reexamine, reestablish ourselves, our portfolios, our intentions, our families, our communities and country, and our lives in general.  Thank God, or the fates, for this need!  Refreshment is a lovely feeling and act…. or should be.  I have to hope that THIS community’s creativeness will jump in now, no matter what your political leanings,  and try in any way possible to help make the changes needed to our mode of governing and caring for our country and its people.

Ah….. that new box of crayons….. that need to make a new bright, maybe surprising line on the white paper…. full of color, brightness and promise!

burris HelloSchool Visit Aug 12 Coloring Pic

thanks to Priscilla Burris’ school visit for these young hands and crayon marks!

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