Active ideas for book visits…

Now that ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ is actually back, it’s seems a perfect time for some fresh ideas for your school and bookstore author/illustrator visits!  The visits are a fun and hands on way to promote sales of your new and older books, give back to the community, connect with your audience,  and make a little money on the side.  All good.  It’s time well spent for artists and writers as well!

Priscilla Burris, as you probably know, is FULL of bright, fun, creative ideas for most everything, and has allowed me to share some images for activities from  her latest visits promoting her new book, also written by Priscilla, HELLO SCHOOL! from Nancy Paulsen books at Penguin Putnam.  (check out the book!) 

PriscillaBurris (3)photo

She is willing to share as she gets ideas also from other artists who share on Instagram and Pinterest as well, and then makes them her own by linking them to her books.  These activities make the kids very involved and engrossed in her book story, and then making the story their own with the projects.  This enhances their connection with the book(s) and the artist….always good for further sales and visits.  Priscilla notes that she brings the print-outs for everyone, and the school or bookstore provides the crayons and glue.

Take a look, borrow and enjoy!  Happy Fall and fresh beginnings all!

Priscilla brings the b/w basic page and lets the kids color, glue on little red 3D ‘apples,’ and do whatever they wish!

BURRIS Read & Count

another fun page of activity they can do there or take home to do! It relates to the book, characters and their general learning.

PBURRIS Art & Kids JULY 10there are so many ideas to do with the classroom environment…. here Priscilla uses cut-outs of the main characters from her book  HELLO SCHOOL!  in a way that makes them feel more like REAL school friends!

Thank you Priscilla for sharing your ideas …here’s to  happy school days for all!

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