surprise publicity punch!

Burris Mag

I just happened on this book magazine at our Fairfield Main Public Library yesterday.  Maybe it’s everywhere and always been, but I hadn’t seen it.  And what should the section for children’s books hold for me but a wonderful surprise !! It’s theme was about ‘back to school’ books.  I wondered ….. sure enough one of the three books it reviewed was Priscilla Burris’ new HELLO SCHOOL which she wrote and illustrated (a first really) for Nancy Paulsen Books, Penguin Random House!!

Burris Mag 2

SUCH a thrill!  as is the fun, sweet, very realistic visual story of those first few days and weeks of a new school.  The wee characters are darling and familiar I felt, and their discoveries have all been made by others from year to year….which is why it’s so so perfect a story.  It IS the small but important things and happenings in a youngster’s day that makes their memories… our memories!

Burris Mag 3

Made MY day…..

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