I am most pleased to spread the word about what promises to be a wonderful semester class called CREATING THE PICTURE BOOK!  Author/illustrator Steve Henry and long time editor Barbara Lalicki have developed a course for Pratt that will help you bring your vision to life if you are an illustrator wishing to build your own stories.

FALL SEMESTER – 10 Sundays 9/30 – 12/16,  2-4:50,  at Pratt Manhattan (14th and 7th)

register at or by calling 877 551 7727

Course number is PMFA 451

We get so many ‘outside agency’ artists sending us their book ideas that we can tell just need a wee bit of editing and revision first.  As an agency, we only present ms/dummies from our own list of agency artist/writers, so we often can’t really help these other artists.  This course seems a wonderful possible answer for those able and interested!…. including our own CAT illustrators if they have interest! 😉


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  1. Will this be an online course?


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