A Highlights highlight!…Szalay!

AUG. 8, 2018 Highlights magazine has honored illustrator Dave Szalay of Richfield, Ohio, for his illustration of the verse titled “I Love Our Country”, which was published in the July 2018 issue. The illustration was named “Best of the Issue” by the editorial, art and production staff.

The verse was written by Eileen Spinelli

Christine Cully, Highlights for Children Editor in Chief, says that illustrators like Szalay “help us achieve our objective of bringing the most imaginative and original works to our readers.” In recognition of the achievement, he received an eight-inch pewter plate engraved with his name, the title of the winning work, and the issue in which it appeared. The pewter plates are handcrafted in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, the home of Highlights since its beginning in 1946.

Speaking of the illustration assignment, Szalay said, “I was contacted by Highlights Art Director Patrick Greenish to create this work. I work very well with Patrick as he understands my style and technique. He gave me a brief description and then I used my imagination to build an amalgamation of scenes I’ve experienced from our travels.”

Szalay is represented by Christy Tugeau Ewers at The CAT Agency and his clients include Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Harcourt-Mifflin, North-South of Zurich, Simon and Schuster, Charlesbridge, Cricket Media, Highlights for Children, and Jimmy Patterson at Little Brown.

He is a full-time Associate Professor of Art at The University of Akron and his work can be found in national editorial, advertising, and communications media.  His work has been recognized and awarded in several advertising and illustration competitions, including one of the SCBWI National Portfolio Showcase Honor Awards in 2018. His whimsical images are created in a vintage picture book-inspired technique using digital drawing and painting methods.

Szalay is based in Richfield where he lives with his wife Krista and three cats. He has two adult sons, Matt and Alex, and one grandchild.

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