DITTIES…the Way To Go?

I just had to write today about the great obsession..I mean habit… of doing perhaps even daily “ditties!”  or that’s what I love to call them.  Little ‘somethings’….a sketch, or quick thought visually.  They can be from life as you wait in line somewhere, or in response to your mind just wanting to ‘let them out.’  This is rather the case of our artist Priscilla Burris.… CAT Agency artist for a very very long time, and a talent that just won’t stop!

Burris Bees

Many of you may know that Priscilla is on the board of SCBWI and was flying to NYC from CA for the Winter Conference when these guys just HAD to be seen…. and here they all are – bees and dogs and birds and kids of course.  She used the back of a conference information page I think. Whatever works!

The point is that practice makes perfect.  Fine artists and illustrators, authors and playwrights, talents of all sorts know that those ideas won’t ‘bud’ if you don’t get them DOWN and OUT.  Just so ‘ditties.’  They aren’t for general consumption.  NO one needs to ever see them! But as I have learned now that I’m beginning to do more plein aire painting again myself, some of these spontaneous ‘ditties’ will become your favorites…. if not a great starting off place for furthering their charm to a more finished state.  A character might pop off the page and be JUST the one you’ve been searching for for that book project.  Ideas mull in our minds and we really MUST let them out and get them down so we can move on to other things in life.  Grab a piece of paper and a sharpie pen, uni  ball signo pen (which bleeds tones with a little spit) or a EE pencil…whatever is handy and brings out the ‘ditty’ in you!  And have a WONDERFUL TIME!

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