‘Dear Girl’ #1 NYTimes Best Seller List…

FABULOUS for sure.!!!  … HarperCollins, author Paris Rosenthal ( with her mom Amy Krouse Rosenthal), our ‘CAT’ artist Holly Hatam, and we all of the CAT Agency could not be more thrilled with the news that DEAR GIRL hit the #1 spot on the New York Times Best Seller List for picture books this week!!!….. Warms up January!

But it’s NO surprise to our two ‘research assistants’, Billie and Finnie … one convincing the other in a heart beat!  May we never lose our sense of wonder!  Thank you Amy, Paris and Holly – dear girls!

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1 Response to ‘Dear Girl’ #1 NYTimes Best Seller List…

  1. Kary Lee says:

    Hitting Third Place Books here in Seattle today. Dear Girl at the top of my list. Congrats everyone!
    Kary Lee
    Illustrator | Visual Storyteller

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