HAPPY 2018 everyone!  I’m writing this while being snow bound in CT by a whipping Nor’Easter blizzard today that has hit most of the East Coast! …it does have a way of stopping us in our tracks!  But it’s a great time to slow down a bit, light a fire, get some HOT tea or cocoa, count our blessings, and look ahead.

I’m sure many of you DID what I’d suggested in a post last year…. take this time to see how your goals last year were met, and to set some new realistic goals for this new year.  If NOT….maybe do so now or this weekend.  It’s something we all have to do to start out fresh and productively!  My daughter, Christy Ewers, and I have started the year out with a NEW NAME and tax entity:  The CAT Agency, Inc.  !!  and Christy is the new owner of the new agency!

The CATugeau Artist Agency LLC, is no longer, though I will continue as usual working beside Christy….and, yes, I did have one very emotional day Dec. 31st!  it’s been 23 years come Feb since I started my own agency on a wing and a prayer and my family’s good wishes!!  I had worked for another agent for 3 1/2 years, but it was quite a year in 1994!  Never worked so hard, fast, and happily! Had to find great un-repped artists willing to give me a try, (no Google then!), didn’t have a computer, sample copies made at the Copy Store, Fedexed samples to publishers, used THE LANDLINE PHONE constantly, so couldn’t be away from my desk for long…ever! (and I had three active kids…youngest 14 at home = Christy!)  wow….we’ve come a long way baby!  I am THRILLED and delighted by this change for the new year with my talented Christy at the helm.  Besides growing up with the agency so to speak, she has been working with me formally for 4 years, after a decade learning business and interpersonal relations with other types of companies, including a publishing house.  I keep saying it, but it IS a dream come true!  IT IS TIME.

Burris Wintery Warmies Scene SPOTPriscilla Burris

This above is a good image of our warm love for our agency …. bright and protective and caring as it grows…no matter ‘the weather!’

So we’ve met one of OUR year goals and have a very full set of directions for the new year onward.  Now back to YOU perusing where you are and where you are going.  It’s just part of business….and illustration IS a business.  Put on that ‘biz cap’ and do some soul searching and honest planning.  Set realistic goals….redo and upgrade your online portfolio, and get it out to publishers; go to the SCBWI Winter NYC Conference (sign up NOW if there is room!)  or maybe the Aug. LA one, or the next regional get together; finish that dummy you’ve been revising, and get it seen and critiqued;  promise not to OVER BOOK yourself this year so you can enjoy the work that comes in; maybe get a rep to help you organize yourself!  Whatever you have on your list, start making it a reality TODAY!

Well – maybe right after going out and building a ‘snow kitty’ like our friend above has done….and I will do RIGHT NOW!

HAPPY 2018 to ALL!

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2 Responses to BIG START TO A NEW YEAR!….

  1. deystudio says:

    Congratulations Chris! Best wishes to The CAT Agency. 🙂

  2. Martha Aviles says:

    Congratulations and BEST wishes !!!

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