Real Rockwell Christmas!

Being newly back in CT this year and season, we were looking for new seasonal traditions (missing the Illumination fireworks in CW, and Chapel Choir in Wmsbrg VA!).  What better place to experience an old fashioned Christmas than on ‘Christmas Main Street.’… the real one in Stockbridge MA, and also see the original painting of This iconic place by Norman Rockwell!  So off husband Bill and I went to spend Monday night at the RED LION INN, depicted in his painting (but dark as then it wasn’t open during the winters back then!)  and to stroll along Stockbridge’s Main Street that he made forever famous in this painting.  Luckily we’d had a recent snow so the trip up was out of ‘winter memories ‘past and so completely New England it hurt!


Then it snowed a bit more Tuesday morning as we had breakfast at the Coffee shop (yup…Main Street) and headed of to the Rockwell Museum itself.  Even my ‘museum ho-hum’ husband loved it…we spent HOURS there in awe.  How could he have painted all this incredible ‘story telling,’ finally rendered work in one life time!?  Stockbridge (Elm Street just off Main and town) was his hometown after moving from VT. and they are so very proud of him still.  The Museum is fabulous and his original studio was moved to that property as well. (closed in winter however….I’ll need to go back!)

There is always other artwork to look at there as well….and the current show was about the Fantastical Art of Tony Diterlizzi, famed Dungeon and Dragons and Spiderwick Chronicles artist, among other projects.  What fun they had presenting  his work!  Lots for the kids too! – or kids in all of us. (no photos allowed of this show)  The gift shop is one I needed quite a bit of time in….being this time of year….and the creative, different offerings.  The whole experience was just a pleasure from start to finish.  But we needed to slowly head back South to Fairfield CT passing though lovely Litchfield and other iconic NE towns, and reenter the current Holiday Season….. happy!  and MERRY WISHES TO ALL!


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2 Responses to Real Rockwell Christmas!

  1. Lisa says:

    I went there last year! It was incredible! Someone told me that if you call ahead they will let you look through his works that are not on display.

  2. Heather Maione says:

    lovely….especially that Bill is up and running!!!

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