Get OUT this spring…..

Here in Williamsburg VA it’s almost summer ….very warm and intensely sunny, with those evening thunderstorms and occasional ‘light shows’ that still excite my New England senses.  I’m drawn outside a lot….hard to work inside.  THAT IS A GOOD THING!

I want to encourage you all to leave your computers, social media, even your drawing tables, and go outside.  Take a sketch book and a pen…maybe one that will bleed with a bit of spit for tones, and just LOOK and DRAW fast.  It’s marvelous.  This might sound ‘Old Fashioned’ but it works to open the mind and renew the senses.  Giuseppe Castellano, AD of Grosset and Dunlap, and ‘The Illustration Department’ blog,  recently wrote about the importance of disconnecting from all devices and social media when an artist.  (a human!) “Find the empty spaces between the busy spaces…”  Love that.  The negative spaces…the rests for the eye and mind.

We need to play just for the sake of playing.  It helps an artist SEE freshly.  When we openly really look, we tend to find.  We sort of beckon things to ourselves. Surprises happen.  Lessons are learned. Time is spent wisely. There can be a shift of awareness too as we LOOK for the good, the detailed, the lovely just about anywhere.

And it can lead to new projects!  One of our artists is now working on a lovely nonfiction book about an event that happened on US soil during WWII.  She was chosen to do this book after the editors saw her blogged sketches that she does each day and posts on line. These are just quick ink line sketches of people mostly around her NYC neighborhood. They are done in a traditional realistic style not like her children’s market work at all.  The are play and a discipline for her.  BUT they were noticed, and lead to the style in which this publisher wished this story to be told. (all to be revealed eventually here!)  She was resistant initially as this ‘wasn’t my style!.’  It wasn’t ‘serious.’  Yet it was and is.  The illustrations are turning out fabulously!

Play can lead to something serious….a new style, a job, career, a new love, a move.  But the nice thing is it doesn’t have to lead to anything.  It can just BE.  Spring and summer do call us OUT and into the world of play.  Heed the call. Grab that sketch book, camera, box of watercolors and just go….. GO!

from Dave Szalay…. a possible adventure OUTSIDE….

Szalay bo in tree

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1 Response to Get OUT this spring…..

  1. Cheryl says:

    Great advice, Chris. But if you WERE in New England, your senses might be bombarded by cloudy and 51 degrees!!!! My heat is on! I’ll try the outdoor sketching another day. : )

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