Two SCBWI fun days!

This weekend I did the second of two SCBWI presentations I’d offered to do for subgroups of the Mid Atlantic Group.  And what fun I had!  The weekend before I was with the lovely group of talented, motivated writers and artists at the Richmond gathering in the home of author Anne Blackman (on left), organized by Mid atlantic Richmond event planner, Ann Westrick (in middle).


We had a causal decision of the children’s publishing market and a great back and forth of questions and answers while everyone ate some ‘brown bag’ lunches.


This Sat the 17th, at the Wmsbrg Library, I gave more of a presentation talk on Perfecting Portfolios set up by  artist and newly published author, Sylvia Liu,  and then I did a group critique of all who brought their portfolios to be publicly reviewed. BRAVE SOULS!  But it’s a marvelous way for all attending to learn from my comments about other peoples’ work as well as their own.  TALENTED group!  made my job rather easy, but I hope I was able to give a little bit of new direction and encouragement to each.  They are prepping for the Mid Atlantic general Conference next month!



And then artist Tami Traylor, who attended the Wmsbrg event with her artist daughter, and is an editor with the Mid Atlantic SCBWI newsletter, asked me to write a piece for their next newsletter based on the talk.  Which I’ve happily done….hope the group enjoys it and the productive, creative Fall coming up!

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2 Responses to Two SCBWI fun days!

  1. Sylvia Liu says:

    Thank you, Chris, for your presentation and great critiques of our portfolios this past weekend. I learned so much from the entire afternoon. We are lucky to have you in our region. Thanks for sharing so generously.

  2. abwestrick says:

    Chris – It was great to meet you in Richmond. Thanks for your insightful comments and inspiration for the journey!

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