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Ruby reading

This is my 10 year old dear granddaughter Ruby Tugeau….daughter of Jeremy and Nicole Tugeau (of Tugeau 2…or ‘T2’ agency!)  doing what she’s LOVED to do before she could walk….read!  In this case she’s reading on my back porch in VA three of our CATugeau Agency spring books, Nicole Tadgell’s illustrated Mandela Book from Random House, Priscilla Burris’s Five Speckled Frogs from Scholastic, and How the Cookies Crumble from Simon Spotlight,illustrated by Kelly KennedyAs if she doesn’t have enough books at her home in OHIO!  love it….

And they say BOOKS ARE DEAD…. I DON’T THINK SO!  In fact the AAP Stat Shot Annual new report for 2015 shows that books are doing just fine, thank you!  The figures compared 2012 with the latest from 2015 and it’s sable across the board in most genres!  The net$ is up if the total units of books is ever so slightly down. Remember too that 2012 saw both the Shades of Grey and Hunger Games.  ebooks are slightly down, and there is a bit of decline in mass market.. but publishers are publishing far less mass apparently now then then. They are switching to ebooks more.  Hard covers in adult trade is stable if not a bit up, and there is growth in trade paperback.  Board books are in a healthy increase again!  A new generation of book lovers in the making!

I think the quote from Dave Thompson as seen in Penguin Random House Author News is just a perfect message for all you writers and illustrators: ” people still read and books still sell. Keep writing great books!”     AMEN and HAPPY AUG ALL!!…. use the ‘dog days of summer’ to stay in the air conditioning and brain storm, sketch, revise, create and let your ‘kid mind’ take ahold of ‘SUMMAH TIME…and the living’ is easy. ‘

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  1. Chris – this made my day! Hope Ruby enjoyed ‘How the Cookie Crumbled’!

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