Everyday hero…

Sometimes just getting up and getting out to make something happen is a heroic act.  I have to brag a wee bit today…. as my dear husband Bill (70 this year!) checked off a BIG Bucket List item for himself this Dad’s Day past.  He road from our home in Wmsbrg to Richmond and Back again on the Capital to Capital bike trail...102 miles!  His first ‘century ride’ on a bike!

And now, not even one week later,  we’re prepping to leave for the Cape Cod Getaway again over this weekend next….his forth year riding the 150 miles from Boston to P’town for MS.  Our son-in-law Christy’s Chris (!) is riding with him for the 3rd time too.  It’s quite a feat all around to get the six of us (two small children this year too!) up and out and THERE!….and we like to then stay up on the cape the rest of the week so he/they/we can recoup and relax into summer a bit too.

So the ‘CATugeau Agency’ will be on the road and on the Cape the next week….conferencing, enjoying each other and celebrating not so small heroic acts!

Bill at trail head Dad's Day

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