missing DAD!


A personal image this time for the blog….because Dad’s are on ALL our minds!

My dear dear Dad George Stevenson Hughes MD with one of my son’s Jeremy Tugeau (and today an illustrator, gallery painter, and art teacher!- as well as Dad now of 3!)  at our CT home years ago … before the lung cancer that took Dad in 2001 at 80.  Family resemblance for sure….they had a bond.  The bit of the ‘twinkle in the eye’ in youth perhaps?  still miss the heck out of him. Often start to pick up the phone to run a thought by him! …a psychiatrist, but mostly my DAD.  So bright and patient and loving and solid.  I am a lucky daughter to have the memories….may they pass on in our legacy.

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1 Response to missing DAD!

  1. Heather Maione says:

    Such a Beautiful photo. Both so handsome . A treasure !

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