proud review for Burris!

always love good news….and today brought happy review for Priscilla Burris and author Brenning and their new Maggi and Milo Make Friends from PenguinRandomHouse/Dial…..
SLJ (June 2016)
BRENNING, Juli. Maggi and Milo Make New Friends. illus. by Priscilla Burris. 32p. Dial. Jul. 2016. Tr $16.99. ISBN 9780803737761.
K-Gr 1
Maggi and her dog Milo are back, and this time they are expanding their crew. Maggi is skeptical to say the least when her mom takes her to the park “because it’s Tuesday and the sun is shining and you might make a new friend.” Why would she need a new friend when she has Milo—“Mammals of all Mammals, the Hercules of Dogs?” Worse yet, dogs are not allowed on the playground. Despite this, Maggi decides to give it a try: “Milo, I’m going in!” As readers may have anticipated, much fun ensues, as Maggi and her new pals play hide-and-seek and tag, swing, sing, and, of course, walk Milo. Well, they walk Milo once the appropriate price is paid in the form of numerous found nature objects (dandelions, sparkly rocks, roly-poly bugs, etc.). Then, in a surprising twist, Maggi thanks her mom for taking her to the park. Brenning’s text is spot-on, and there are several amusing asides. It is ably supported by Burris’s watercolor digital artwork, which depicts great facial expressions, just enough detail, and a refreshingly multicultural group of playmates. VERDICT Brenning has penned another winner. This is a charming selection with a great message to boot.–Catherine Callegari, Formerly at Gay-Kimball Library, Troy, NH

Burris Magi and Milo Friends

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