We were thrilled and delighted to see that we were tagged in this Tweet from Giuseppe  Castellano Senior AD at Penguin Random House, featuring many of the postcards that we just sent out for our Spring Mailing!! I think it’s important for everyone to read the article that he wrote on the subject of postcards. Here it is: . THIS is why we do it!! He’s right on about the importance and usage of postcards – we hear this across the board. Even if they don’t yield immediate results, they are working! So nice work, CAT artists! Let’s keep it up!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.09.49 PM

This is  how the tweet came across out FB page apparently….thought it interesting in itself. Do visit our website for more… with links to FB and this very THE WAY TUGEAU blog there as well.  LOTS of images!  Have to mention that as we visit offices of publishing clients we SEE how they DO in fact keep their favorites and POST them on their walls…some on the hallway walls for all to see!  it’s SO exciting and great to see our artists works (some years old too!) on the walls of AD’s and editors.  It one way to promote yourself that WILL work …with a lot of timing luck and consistently good work.  Yes, Keep it up!

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1 Response to POST CARDS WORK!

  1. susanmiller1 says:

    As always more great advice, thank you, I really enjoyed the article. Very motivating.

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