CAT NIP: transitions…

I wrote that I’d spoken to two groups of college students recently (Ringling College of Art and Design and William & Mary here in Wmsbrg).  It’s gotten me thinking of TRANSITIONS in life…so many of them! almost constant in fact.  Then last night I went to a yoga class being held in the main gallery of the Muscarelle Museum of Art,  The show on the walls is amazing! There are 250 frames prints of the five complete sets of Hiroshige’s The 53 Stations of the Tokaido….never before seen all together.  How full of detail with a sense of travel and wonder, and yet how peaceful.  Perfect backdrop for relaxing yet strenuous yoga.

yoga in gallaryjust part of the very full room!

At the end of the class the instructor mentioned the transition from the relaxation and  self-awareness of a session of yoga back into our real world … and the transition that many of the students there would be making soon as they graduated into their yet unknown ‘real world.’  A SIGN FOR ME!  There are so many transitions we experience in life and in art:  Learning to teaching; grey tone scales; black and white to color; middle tone to chiaroscuro; abstract to realism; action to rest; health to sickness; being single to marriage commitment; childless to parenthood to children leaving; youth to old age; birth to death….and so so many in between.

How an artist and person travels these transitions tells their personal one of a kind ‘story’… just as the prints of Hiroshige tell of his travels.   One step at a time.  Some steps are missteps and that is ok.  It is often how we learn and grow and become stronger.

I wanted to share a list of some Do’s and Don’t I promised the students for their career moves generally….to help with all transitions I think! 🙂 Now jump into the mystery!

DO                                                                              DON’T

Be MEMORABLE                                                BE AFRAID

Remember: ‘2 second’ rule (judgements)       Show 3 or more styles all at once

DO HUMOR                                                         Be Boring

Be HONEST… always                                          Make excuses

Go for Promotional Moments                           Be generic

Manage your career                                             Forget this IS a business

Use comfortable, spontaneous line                  Be stiff or too tight

Turn down bad jobs                                             Take too many jobs…miss deadlines!

Ask questions                                                        Ever assume

Be true to yourself                                                Show imperfect samples

Work Hard                                                             Forget to have FUN and PLAY!


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