LEAP DAY…. artists take one every day!

Katy me and Linda Ringling

Katy Betz (CAT artist and Ringling teacher)

me, and Linda Shute, SCBWI FL advisor

We had a truly marvelous day with talented student artists/illustrators from Ringling Collage of Art and Design in Sarasota FL, and other FL SCBWI member artists yesterday 2/28/16 at the college !! I talked about the industry and how we ‘buyers’ see so much art that we often judge it in ‘a blink of an eye’ …based on our needs and taste.  But that  isn’t a judgement so much as a fact of time management…. and another time any style might meet another need.  An artist needs to address that reality however by making their portfolios STOP and WOW us!

ALSO, life itself changes in what seems often ‘in a blink of an eye’. I shared my own hop-skip-jump story of how I got to today to make a point to students wondering WHAT IS NEXT, and older artists unsure of the same thing!  Almost 30 years ago I was really beginning my oil painting career again after 3 children and delays, winning local shows and interesting galleries. Suddenly a Dr. told me it must stop immediately as oil painting over time had given me very bad Asthma!  But that dark moment eventually lead to my finding the children’s book market and my becoming an agent in the industry…something I’m daily grateful for and still love so very much.  Just keep moving forward, on every path that presents itself if possible. We never know where it may lead.  Oh, and I’m painting again these days, though never again in oil- it’s ok.

I plan to write another ‘CAT NIP’ article or series from this experience at Ringling when I return to VA next month.  But till then…. just KEEP ON LEAPING IN WITH BOTH FEET!




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One Response to LEAP DAY…. artists take one every day!

  1. Lisa Fields says:

    Ah, I miss Ringling! I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your visit.

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