real life and art….. personal reflection

We personally had an amazing weekend of relaxed busy fun when my agency partner and daughter Christy Ewers came with her husband Christopher and daughter Billie to visit us in VA. A long hard drive for a 2 1/2 yr old, and too short, but we were so grateful and had such a good time.  While walking in CW (Colonial Wmsbrg) with the family on Sat. the fact of history, art and real life overlapping constantly hit me.  It’s all around us down there, one reason we love it so here.  The reminder that things change, life changes, but it stays the same as well, is felt.  The gratitude of what has gone before, often at great cost, and how we shouldn’t lose site of that, is also in the air there.  Here we are freely walking the streets of history with a new generation of children who need to KNOW and appreciate it all.

Billie's favorites

and then Billie, our ‘research assistant,’  just HAD to visit the Wm and Mary CW bookstore there in CW (of course!) and look what they found!

CW coloring book Iosa and BillieThis is a coloring book done by Ann Iosa a few years ago with all CW images for the younger set.  such fun for Mama too!  Art and life mixed up for sure!  And there is another by a past agency artist Margie Moore called The Horses Tale which is also a wonderful CW story.  Come on down!

Had to include an image showing how things stay the same….and NOT!  this is Billie and me taking a break on the ‘Memom Swing’ (names of all 7, so far, grandkids on it) 2 yrs! memom swing two years B

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