Sharing a personal moment …..

I’ve just opened my eyes after today’s meditation portion of a 21 day Deepak and Oprah meditation opportunity I decided to try.  This is the end of the first week, and the first day I actually did the full meditation time! I was letting all the ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ noise and resistance keep me from the peace possible in a quiet few moments.  Today, Sunday, I finally  just relaxed and went with the flow of breath and soft music and the ‘now.’

For many years I’ve advised my agency artists to  take short breaks from all their deadlines, family, health issues and other obstacles when they feel occasionally overwhelmed by them. Life overwhelms us all now and then. I suggest a walk (without music in ears or phone!), or sitting in a quiet place (moving water is helpful), or sit and read a good book, take a yoga class or power nap.  Long or short, these breaks from the norm, from obligations, demands and worries, help us ‘let go’ and then reconnect in a refreshed way.  I encourage this knowing how hard it can be to do!  But also knowing how it helps me and others stay creative, energetic, unrestricted, and balanced. Taking these moments actually give us MORE moments in return.  We can accomplish more easier when we step back in a connected, productive, encouraging and grateful manner.

And yet, knowing this, I struggled all week to take these moments. I listened to the days messages, which are always surprisingly inspirational, but I could not complete the timed meditations.  Today I did easily.  Maybe I will tomorrow.  Maybe you will take your moments too, and feel the melting away of deadlines and obligations…..they will be met more easily after this gift to ourselves.

evening bliss on James River (640x360)the James River, VA,  in a peaceful moment

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3 Responses to Sharing a personal moment …..

  1. Constanze says:

    Sounds great, I will make room for that!!!! 😀

  2. I’ve done that 21 day meditation before (twice!)– enjoy!

  3. Karin Fowler says:

    I second all of your comments above – and might suggest walking a labyrinth if there is one near you. Check to find one close-by. When I was working, I found that walking the labyrinth always kick-started my sermon prep or creative project roadblocks.

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