Bermuda Grass !…

Yesterday I was prepping the soil and replanting two beds at the end of our Williamsburg  driveway…. a happy project (and I had help!)  BUT then I was unhappily reminded of the faithfully maddening presence of BERMUDA GRASS!  It pushes, twists and spreads itself everywhere in our front yard!  Gratefully it does NOT like our side or back yard however. We’ve tried killing it (along with all the tall fescue grass as well!) 3 or 4 time over our decade here, and yet it keeps on coming back.  We’re trying to call a truce and just let it be….it’s green in the HOT tidewater VA summers after all!

It made me think again of the PERSISTANCE that promotion and marketing require…. like the constantly working, connecting, re-emerging strands or treads of this wild Bermuda Grass, an artist or writer has to keep at it.  If someone tried to knock you out, you just come back in a new place and push your way along.  When ‘winter cold’ comes  you hide and regroup and come back new and stronger!

So, as you maybe take a summer break and regroup again, keep this BERMUDA GRASS strategy in mind!  just KEEP ON KEEPING ON!

rain boy and birds...OCHOAfrom one of our Mexican artists: Ana Ochoa  

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2 Responses to Bermuda Grass !…

  1. Constanze says:

    Hahaha, I have to remember that when weeding again!!!!!!!!

  2. Heather Maione says:

    love the analogy!

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