Mama bird teaching……

mama bird Friarfrom Joanne Friar

This morning I saw Kathy Temean’s blog post and was delighted that she featured this image from one of the CAT artists Joanne Friar as a segue into also posting part of my recent article here on the WAY TUGEAU BLOG under CAT NIP: What, When and How.  😉  THANK YOU  KATHY! Kathy thought Joanne’s image of the mother bird teaching her fledglings to fly was wonderful… so do I! My artists already know how to fly frankly, but so many artists just starting out just need a wee bit of information and encouragement to take flight themselves, and that is WHY I write  my blog.  I’ve written articles for newsletters, and given presentations for SCBWI groups and such for over 20 years and the ONLY purpose is to educate.  Preparation for our industry is NOT brain surgery, but there are little things that can make the process easier for everyone.  I’m delighted these recent articles are getting ‘out there’ and shared.  Please all…keep on sharing, ask questions ( and let the conversation continue!

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