I am lucky enough to live in a small town, Williamsburg VA, that values art, history, learning and organic, deep beauty in all it’s views!  Our Muscarelle Museum of Art is host to one of only two viewings of more than twenty-five drawings of master Leonardo da Vinci~ ( the other in MFA Boston in April – June).  I’ve been to the show and listened to two experts lectures about the importance of and hidden magic in his drawings…so many of which were lost.  Da Vinci only painted a few over 20 completed paintings and it’s believed that his studies for these were almost more important to him than the finished work.  It’s most revealing to get so close to these wonderful small studies…and notes.  He was left-handed, and wrote his notes backwards to make it easier for himself (!) and the viewer can see the left-handed cross marks in the silverpoint markings he used often…as in the image from this “most beautiful drawings, I dare say, in the world” (Sir Kenneth Clark) of  a head for The Angel in he Virgin of the Rocks 1483 on loan from Biblioteca Reale, Turin.  STUNNING.

Scan0002  you can’t look at the eyes and not think of the Mona Lisa either.  So intimate….   We as artists and humans are always aware of and in pursuit perhaps of beauty, wisdom and perfection in its many, but illusive, manifestations. This is a up-close study of just that.  Lucky me!

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