PORTFOLIO POW! in Bonita Springs FL

Sat Feb 21 in Bonita Springs FL…public library with some of Florida’s SCBWI artistic talent to talk about portfolios…the ins and outs (literally) and what ‘portfolio’ means today, and a group review of every one’s work!  That’s me, Chris, in the middle with denim shirt (has cool artistic back panel!) and my brave and fun group of 14. (blue, white and gray seem to have been the ‘colors of the day’….been chilly even in southern FL this past couple weeks!)  Thanks Linda Shute (far right) for getting this all together!  I plan to write an article for this blog…or a series of them perhaps… about what I said there and always say, and what others say too about this all important part of presentation.  Main Point…. GET A WEBSITE!  this IS your portfolio today to be honest!  You can’t get hired if they can not FIND and SEE your work!  So tune in for more info on the “what, where, why and how. “ Coming soon……..

FL portfolio day 15

port day Bonita

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4 Responses to PORTFOLIO POW! in Bonita Springs FL

  1. Sounds fun! You look great, Chris! 🙂

  2. Linda Bernfeld says:

    Thank you so much for doing this for us! Everyone who attended said they had a great day!

    Linda Bernfeld

  3. Zebo says:

    Wonderful presentation! Thanks for coming Chris! 😊

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