Children grow and change…..

….that isn’t such a piece of wisdom.  We all do.  And our Children’s Publishing Market is doing the very same.  SO much serious ‘chat’ about DIVERSITY – as there was 25 years ago when I entered this market.  Our little children now might not have to write, talk and hope so much about it when they are grown and looking for jobs in publishing. Lots of diverse youth are now coming out of the programs that prepare them for this industry. The Children’s Publishing Industry is LEADING this year’s publishing growth!  Adult book buying is down, but all sorts of children’s, from board books to YA, are selling like crazy!  So the jobs should be there and the trained diversity is there, so we should see improvement in the % of employee diversity each year. This would finally be ‘right.’  And as the decision makers become more diverse, the subject matter in ALL books from baby to adult will reflect that diversity as well.  So it seems a natural progression….like children growing and changing.  Lets do that…. lets all grow and change and celebrate that!

And while we are celebrating, I just have to share this photo of my JUST TURNED 2 granddaughter and agency ‘research assistant’ as she ‘cooks up a little surprise’ in her new play kitchen.  See how children learn?  by mimicking the examples they see around them. Lets give them GOOD examples.   cooking up something


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