A Birthday of sorts……

Well it’s 2014… the 3rd actually and I missed the New Year’s post I’d planned. It’s been an interesting past year with its many challenges. I have been quietly reviewing it all the past few days as I’m rather immobile due to my month old ‘holiday red’ cast on my right foot! (severed tendon). Comes off, to a ‘boot,’ on 8th I hope!

There were a lot of loses this past year…and now the year is one of them.  There were also  many things to bring joy and gain as well.  But the new year is OK by me….onward!  I wish for a much improved year…for the country, the world, my agency and each and every one of you reading this!  Positive thinking always….

It is a Birthday in many ways…. my talented daughter Christy has officially begun her partnership in our agency!  Welcome my dear… big time!  She’ll push our ‘social networking’ skills (!) and I’m sure try to organize me in a more modern fashion.  I plan to let her!  Eventually she’ll be my legs visiting publishers in NYC and elsewhere. She’s closer to most of the ages of those I often visit! How’d that happen?  lol

I’m a very lucky person…and know it.  I’m crazy about my artists, past and present, and one of my sons, Jeremy Tugeau, is one of them!  His wife Nicole is the most capable owner/rep of their own agency, Tugeau2.  This has to be a first in this industry for family participation!  As I enter my 21st year with CATugeau, I do count my many blessings.  So as this new year begins with fresh steps, creative energy and promises, I celebrate it’s birthday with you all!

New Year song (3).jpgBURRISfrom CAT artist Priscilla Burris!

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1 Response to A Birthday of sorts……

  1. susanmiller1 says:

    Thats great, I wish you and your agency a wonderful and lucrative 2014.

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