I’ve noticed…..Balance Finding!

With the country in what feels like such IMbalance these days, it was actually a treat to read in PW this week (Nov 18)  about the slowdown in the sales of e-books!  Earlier they’d reported a decline of sales with established publishers the last 5 months!  E-books had seen only growth up till now.  The slowdown is good because it feels like a balance is being found… better predictability (thus better publishing plans) for publishers, bookstores, and e-book sellers.  Most who didn’t panic felt this would happen. It’s a matter of time and finding the balance of different formats, and what that will mean to all in the industry when sales in all formats stabilize.  It’s a hybrid market and healthy for all I’m sure. Reminds me of TV and movies back when. Some books sell better with e-book, and others are always going to be better in print.  Pricing continues to be challenging, but that too will find it’s balance point eventually. It’s really still all about getting CONTENT in all formats available to the readers who want it.  And doing it in a way that all can stay in business! That sounds like good news to me.

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1 Response to I’ve noticed…..Balance Finding!

  1. Kary Lee says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed, as always!

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