Twelve years ago….

….I was happily driving into NYC from CT for a number of looked-forward-to appointments with publishers that day Sept. 11th, 2001 – several off Hudson.  The day was brilliant and clear.  I remember thinking I was having a ‘good hair day’ and had plenty of cash in my wallet, gas in my car for the drive and just felt like signing aloud.  So I turned on the radio about 8:45…..   and the world changed forever.

I kept driving toward the city in tears….finally being stopped just as they closed the  bridge leading over to Manhattan from its north eastern tip.  The sound of all the alarms and ER vehicles still bring a chill to me remembering.  Odd how in times of great fear and disbelief we still tend to move forward….even toward danger.  Human nature to keep going, one foot in front of the other, trying to make sense, trying to help, trying to survive.

We honor all those lost this day 12 years ago and the even more who’s lives were forever changed …which includes practically all of us.  God bless this great country….we WILL continue to move forward trying to make sense, trying to help, trying to survive…with dignity and hope.

beach Flag Image2 (3)BURRISfrom Priscilla Burris


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  1. Amen – thanks Chris!

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