Agencies get together……


Well, it IS more family than biz, but I always love a little intra-industry conferencing!  Tugeau2 OHIO comes to CATugeau VA and we share! Here we are working hard….

on bench

Well it IS summer in the back yard…and our little “book committee” has the necessary sense of humor.  Then we had play time on “Way Tugeau” as well of course….

ohio crewmates

WE ALL HOPE YOUR SUMMER HAS BEEN TERRIFIC and restful and productive and of course CREATIVE!!!   SUMMAH TIME IN VIRGINIA and the livin’ is easy…..



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3 Responses to Agencies get together……

  1. Cheryl says:

    Great pictures, Chris.

  2. Glad you’re enjoying the last days of summer! Love the happy pictures!

  3. Heather Maione says:

    Chris, How are you feeling these days? Forgot to tell you awhile ago how great these pics are! You have a gorgeous family ….grandkids soooo cute!


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