A story of little “ditties” …

I’ve noticed that FUN is contagious!  One of my artists is a real wiz at doing constant and adorable ‘little ditties’…. little “moments” in a single image that tell a bigger story.  She can not stop herself…they jump out of her head at any time, and require her to draw them.  Or so she tells me!

Well I wish all of my artists did this…and it’s a wonderful promotional idea for all artists, thus my sharing this phenomena.  In fact, I was prompted because she has been offered a couple of book jobs lately (and other publishing interest as well) due to one or more of these ‘little ditties.’  And that pleases us no end!  The artist is Priscilla Burris and many of you know her…. if not through SCBWI, then through her blog and well, her ‘ditties!’  And yes, she is just like her loveable characters.  Priscilla hasn’t always done this, but in recent times she has been taken over it would seem….and it’s a good thing!  Think about it all…. let those characters and their stories OUT!  it’s spring…let them bloom.

No Rush Book Girl (3)Burris


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2 Responses to A story of little “ditties” …

  1. Priscilla is sooo good at that!! I just wish I had her speed!

    Susan Drawbaugh Owner/Designer Wee Five Designs

    http://weefive.com Products for Baby http://susandrawbaugh.com Portfolio http://susandrawbaugh.blogspot.com Blog

  2. I love Priscilla’s ditties! Very inspirational post, thanks, Chris!

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