Listening to Professional Hints:

I like to start a new year by going over the ‘visiting notes’ I take while showing off my portfolio of 30+ artists at publishing houses during the previous year.  Great reminders of who liked whom, and I usually find tons of industry ‘insider’ comments that help me focus for the new year.  So I thought I’d share some with you this Jan. … not in any order, and without credits to ‘protect the innocent’, but here you go!

You can only debut once!”      or first impressions might be the last impressions!  This goes for portfolio presentation, but also for your working experience with a client…don’t blow it!

“more idiosyncratic, quirky characters!”

“one look at the character and you know you want to go for the whole ride….”

style consistency SO important…”

crisp edges”

“writers (artist/writers) often mistake a good TOPIC for a good STORY.”

“no Quiet picture books….”   ” need apparent hook…”

“Go for the ‘Promotional Moment’ ”    holiday, events, seasons etc.

Too high advances can end up being PLANNED FAILURE!”  a book doesn’t earn out the advance and it’s a black mark on your lasting record.  (ie…career management)

“Core Standard (educational) will be more Non Fiction going forward.”

“Passion is not the same as stamina“…. don’t overl-book yourself each year!

happy creating!                                                                   image from Jason Wolff




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1 Response to Listening to Professional Hints:

  1. susanmiller1 says:

    Great advice as always, thanks Christina.

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