a gift of sorts from Storm SANDY…

I happen to be ‘living’ in Brooklyn this week and next awaiting the birth of our daughter’s daughter…their first!  They were lucky with the storms, never lost their power.  But so many here are still affected by SANDY and then the snow storm on top of it.  Many stories are just heart breaking, but a few accounts of times alone in the dark have been interesting. I have a ‘great aunt’ who lives in West Village area and was out of power for a week or so.  Thinking it was going to be just a day or so, she hung in there, and lived under blankets with flashlight and ‘a good book,’ as she put it.  LOVE HER!  She probably got several good books read in the unexpected week, but I’ve heard similar stories from others.  How they distracted their children with candlelight, a cuddle and a good kids book.  Memories in the making.

My memories of bringing up my three children included much cuddling and good kids books at bedtime, sick time, wait time, anytime.  We didn’t have electronic games and iPad’s full of distractions, just the way the victims of Storm Sandy did not.  We sat together and turned the pages, and laughed or cried (yup) at the stories.  And Lord help me if I tried to skip a page or a line of favorite poetry! I cherish those memories…and seeing this now repeated with their own kids. Sandy brought terrible problems that will go on for ages, but she may have brought an unexpected gift in the renewal of the love of BOOKS.  Simple, non-plugged in, accessible and sharable.  So go ahead and keep this gift!

and from my Brooklyn artist Melissa Iwai… who always read to her son too…now in third grade he reads to her and his Dad regularly!

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2 Responses to a gift of sorts from Storm SANDY…

  1. Alex Jones says:

    People still impacted by Sandy? wow!

    Without electricity it is an opportunity for people to attempt board games, which in the end are better fun than video games.

  2. Traci VW says:

    Yep, books were a big life saver here with me, my husband, and our nephews. Also, games. It’s amazing what a week without power can do to our modern minds. It was an interesting shift. We actually interacted with people in the neighborhood face to face. Wow! Congrats on your daughter’s daughter to be!

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