It’s Back To School! smiles……

Summer, as always, was too short…or too long…but full of adventures of all sorts.  My wonderful Ohio son Jeremy (and CAT artist!) and his wife Nicole (T2 agency) and my three grandkids from that Clan were here over Labor Day…a busy and noisy and so appreciated visit! Good to have them play with the 3 boys from my Wmsbrg son Morgan’s family crew of three boys and wife Stef.  So that was the “period” on the summer.  Now they all, and WE are ‘back to school’ and thinking Fall, Holidays, and Winter.  wow….

So the CAT artists wanted to share with you four BACK TO SCHOOL visuals to get you in the mood….and we’ll be sharing lots more in the months to come…. HERE on” THE WAY “, and in the mail, and in person perhaps!  So check us out over and over for the new and different… as well as here on our blog.  Change is in the air….lets hope it’s all good!  now open your new ‘box of Crayolas’ and create fun for Fall!

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2 Responses to It’s Back To School! smiles……

  1. Such clever and cute illustrations for Back to School!!! Great work, Priscilla, Ana, Melissa, and Joanne!

  2. Susan Miller says:

    Such fun art for back to school.

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