SCBWI National Conference special gifts……

I just had to share this photo of the presentation of two incredible QUILTS that I humbly was a small part of (the ‘black cat napping’ square!) for two special new Mom’s of SCBWI National’s team, Sarah and Chelsea! BIG surprise for them….bet there were loads of happy tears!!!  Linda R. Bernfeld and the energetic group from SCBWI Florida got the wonderful idea and put this together. They asked those of us who had been involved with their regional conferences over past couple of years to paint a square if we wished. WELL of course!  Laurent Linn, from Simon and Schuster, and I were there this past June doing an artist intensive, and one of the ‘CAT artists’ and SCBWI Art Coordinator and board member, Priscilla Burris, was there last year for the same event.  Others contributing squares were Paul Zelinsky, Mark Teague, Ethan Long, Pat Cummings, Linda Shurte, Brain Pinkney, Tomire dePauola, Leeza Hernandez, Dan Yaccarino, Marla Frazee and other talented people.  Kimberly Lynn Strickler put the squares together into this wonderful result.  What works of art they are… literally!  So happy to have been a part of this kind and wonderful artist venture!

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1 Response to SCBWI National Conference special gifts……

  1. Susan Miller says:

    The quilt came out great, also another artist from our group, Katherine Blackmore also did 2 beautiful squares, what a wonderful quilt.

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