I’ve noticed….the Good in the Bad

Oddly, we often find in hindsight that a ‘bad,’ or difficult situation can bring out a new or creative push that ultimately becomes very much a “good.”  Actually a GIFT.

The book that doesn’t work out…and leaves you a summer to explore new ways of painting that later leads to several new books.  The visit trip from hell in cold winter rains where you show up drenched and miserable but get a standing salute for showing up at all, and it’s memorable!  The agent that rejects your work for the agency but has one golden ‘tid bit’ that resonates and sets you on YOUR path.

I had such an experience recently, which is why my blog has been silent for a bit.  Back story:  I’d been asked to co host an Artist Intensive day for the FL SCBWI group in Orlando June 15th.  It was FABULOUS!, My buddy in this was the so talented, knowledgable and enthusiastic Laurent Linn, a S&S art director. (see photo below!)  The group there is a very talented bunch of workers and we couldn’t have had a better time hopefully helping them along their individual paths.  And the Disney Yacht Club was a bit of cool breeze paradise while there.  Perfect!  except I also picked up a bacterial lung infection that lead to over a month of pain, breathing and infection scares and serious recoup after probably two pneumonias with Asthmatic complications.  I’m getting there now, and seeing the GOOD in the BAD again, so wanted to share.  One night in hospital when there was no sleep to be found between horrific coughing bouts, I suddenly saw a “story” actually POP out of my  head!  and grabbed a pen and paper and wrote out the text for 15 spreads of a draft in one flourish! (ok, high level of steroids might have contributed!)  And notes and characters for the illustrations! It was amazing, and after  it was down on paper I actually did sleep a couple of hours.  It was a story I’d been mulling sort of.  I’m no picture book writer, and while an artist, not an illustrator.  I SO admire my group and what they can do!  So we’ll see if anything comes of it.  But the FACT of it was so GOOD!

My point of course is to ALLOW these good moments to ‘free up’ in all your extraordinary, or ordinary, other moments.  A lot of it is just being available for the inspiration to arrive. And we often just aren’t.  My situation was unique (and I do NOT recommend it!) but something exciting might have been allowed to begin there that might never have otherwise.  Good.  I may not be able to pull this together to present officially to the industry, but it will happen as a personal project.  I am pushed to give it a try. How can I not?

How can YOU not!

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3 Responses to I’ve noticed….the Good in the Bad

  1. I love it! And hope you are feeling better!

  2. Susan miller says:

    It was a wonderful conference, and a pleasure spending the day with you and Laurent.
    I hope you are feeling much better. Best of luck with your story.
    Sue miller

  3. Craig Orback says:

    Hope you are feeling better! Glad something good came from it all.

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