Making a Dummy….

I’ve JUST read a wonderfully helpful article with photos on Kathy Temean’s blog about HOW TO MAKE A DUMMY!  all artists should take a look!

There are other ways of course, but this step by step might be SO helpful to start this process and better understand the format of a typical 32 page picture book as well.  Remember, a dummy’s purpose is to show off the fact that the artist knows how to ‘read'(conceptualize) a story visually.  It’s the page turn, the flow, the pacing of the story you are showing off.  Keeping the dummy clean and easy to work with helps.  enjoy!

this a ‘book’ image from Priscilla Burris…. don’t we know, girls!

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One Response to Making a Dummy….

  1. joannefriar says:

    What an expression on that little girl’s face – perfect!

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