Such a sad day of creative loss….Maurice Sendak dies at 83 the Times says.  I fail to believe that actually.  He will continue in his books forever….yes he will!

My son and artist Jeremy Tugeau began drawing with a sharpie in one hand and In the Night Kitchen and Where the Wild Things Are in the other.  The books made him laugh and want to draw….and draw he did!  Maurice lived in the same town we did then…where Jeremy grew up….Ridgefield CT.  I lived there 30 years and  only saw Maurice once IN town I think.  Don’t think Jeremy ever did, but we knew he was there…and the air shimmered because of it for us.  His bravery to draw what and how he wanted, and be praised (eventually) for it was inspiring.  His elegance with page design and flow, attention to detail, structure and the weight of line is something which will always be studied by those who care….. and we ALL artists should care.

It’s loss for sure for SO many…. but hold onto those books and study them…cherish them…share them with children of ALL ages through all ages.

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4 Responses to LOSS

  1. Lovely tribute, Chris. To both you and Jeremy ~ What a sweet treasured memory and a gift to have breathed the same creative air thereabouts with Mr. Sendak. =)

  2. jennifermaroney says:

    Absolutely, and well said. It is a sad day.

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