First Day of Spring!

I am feeling very motivated to comment on the first day of spring….and all it traditionally holds for us!  It’s rather like the first day of school in the Fall and the new box of crayons that always came with that!  A new beginning FULL of creativity!  …. new perspective and growth….new possibilities…all fresh and miraculous in a way.

It’s a time we all should be taking a look at what IS and decide if that is what should BE.  Look around your home and studio (as well as the gardens that call outside!).  See if a good cleaning and reorganization of your office and studio could help the mind and soul as well as ‘the eye’.  My computer crashing less than a month ago forced that “look around” then .(I knew it was on it’s last legs, but familiar…waited too long… all well now.) New lap top and updated programs made me feel new too!  I got energized …which was good as I had a new iPad as well to get my portfolios up to date with.  And a lovely large mailing of printed samples to get out.  And then a trip to Orlando to show off six new artists and the rest of my special artist group.  (OK, bit of vacation too.)  That all on top of the normal reps work week.  I’m back and finished with all that….and still full of energy.  So I’m rewriting the SCBWI Illustrators Guide presently.  Also overdue…amazing how we, even organizations, often just hesitate to make change….

That is what I’m really writing about.  Don’t be afraid of change.  Mull it over, take your time to think and look and plan.  A little discomfort is actually GOOD for the soul.  It’s  like traveling in a new place/country.  It’s unfamiliar and uncomfortable, but it opens your eyes and ears and all senses.  It ramps up your creativity.  It might be time for some style changes, color or method changes, new ways to promote yourself, new markets to explore.  It’s a time for PROMISE…. go grab it!

and from new artist Michell Hazelwood


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4 Responses to First Day of Spring!

  1. deystudio says:

    Chris, your posts always seem to give me a shot in the arm just when i need it. Thank you! 😉

  2. Thanks Chris – that was a nice message! I just went to my son’s ‘Spring Sing’ at his school with all the grades each performing some songs. My son’s group of 5th graders sang ‘Consider Yourself’ from Oliver (with English accents). Nothing like a bunch of singing kids to put a smile on your face!

  3. Wonderful words of refreshment and challenge as well! Thank you once again, Chris! =)
    Michell Hazelwood ~ love your very fun Happy Spring illustration!

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