more BALANCING acts…..

As we live life, create our art, ride our bikes….we are always trying to find and hold balance.  But I forgot to mention the NEEDED HELMET (and other pads in strategic places maybe!)  It’s just plain foolish to go on the roads without the protection of a helmet.  OH, sure…we all did it as kids back in the dark ages.  But would I today? absolutely not.

The same is true of protecting yourself from loss of balance in the industry too.  As I mentioned in the earlier post, if you were afraid of falling off the bike, you’d never got on!  So climb on, but take care of the inevitable.  When the balance is lost, take steps to get it back.  Get back on the bike for starters! Don’t let a dry spell keep you from creating.  Pick a new ‘route’ or find a friend to journey with.  Get a new bike, or tires, or water bottle (style, tool, or color of paint)  Don’t be thin-skinned about comments, advice and crits!  That’s what the helmet is for.  Don’t cry over a skinned knee = lost assignment. Take the knocks as it makes you a better, more knowledgeable rider.  Don’t forget to save money in the good times to tide you over in the lean.  That imbalance in ‘weather’ is also inevitable.

NOW, I received so many cute samples of art with bikes when I did my agency ‘call out’ I just had to share them…so here you are! enjoy and jump on the bike!

from Stacey Schuett                                  and then from Kelly Kennedy below,

above from Roger Motzkus                       and below from Ana Ochoa!

a tiny down hill from Melissa Iwai This ‘How to Ride’ from Susan Drawbaugh….. and don’t we all wish we understood that book!   But here’s to the RIDE of a life time…..  balanced and fun!



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One Response to more BALANCING acts…..

  1. Great artwork! Nice to see such ‘springy’ images — I believe our forecast calls for a foot of snow!

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