“Life is like riding a bike…….

….in order to keep your balance you must keep moving.”  Albert Einstein

My husband and I have riden bikes for fun for years, but over a year ago we started getting a bit more serious about it. To be in better general shape (at our ages!) we even started doing Spin Classes at our gym a couple of evenings a week, along with Yoga and some weights on different days. And, being in southern VA, we can often ride outside as well. My husband has really taken the challenge on and will try his first 150 mile MS ride this spring….from Richmond to Williamsburg and back to Richmond in two days.  I’ll cheer him on!  

I share all this because I often THINK when riding…. and I see connections to life in general, and our industry and creativity in particular.  There are certain things one has to have, and be, to keep your balance and ride at all.  For either long or shorter mileage!  I find one needs some of these same strengths to be in and succeed in this industry. (any industry?)

ONE:  You must have confidence.  If you worry about falling off the bike…you’d never get on it! (Lance may have said that….)      If you worry about ‘will they like me’ you won’t be able to draw or paint or write a word.  Just DO it.  (did Nike say that?)

TWO: Know your own core strength.  Test and build yourself, but know your weaknesses as well as what you do well.  Keep your sights realistic.  It is about the RIDE, like it is about THE STORY.  Don’t get distracted with non essentials.

THREE:  It may be not just WHAT you are doing but WHY.   Is what you are doing a perfect compliment of all going into this project? Is there the proper emotional resonance for you? Are you enhancing your project and your life doing what you are doing?  We find there is often a special ‘turning in’ while riding. You become newly aware of yourself; how you feel; what you are capable of. (or not capable of! and that’s ok too…back to knowing your strengths!) ‘Turning in’ to your story will bring so much more out of it!

FOUR:  it takes a Village!  Essentially, we ride alone, even if we go together or with friends or a riding group as some do. We live our life alone. We create alone. But keep in mind there are so many outside supports and necessary variables to how well ‘the ride’ goes.  The bike trails if they are there and maintained for safety and ease.  Support groups can only help you if you use them. Agents can only get you assignments if you produce.  Others who share the road can make or ‘break’ you (ouch!).   You have to be aware of  the competition and the direction the road is taking you.  If you deviate it’s great, but look and listen first!  And for a big event it takes lots of players (agents, editors, AD’s, sales and marketing, distributers, bookstores, buying public) …all have a part to play to get you to the end of the race with a smile on your face!  Watch YOUR balance and enjoy the ride!

from Karen Stormer Brooks….

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6 Responses to “Life is like riding a bike…….

  1. deystudio says:

    Great tips! Thanks. I myself LOVE riding my bike. Every year I do the Diabetes Tour de Cure. I’m up to doing 30 miles now. 🙂 Enjoy!


  2. Thank you! Christina, for fowarding along this message to me; and for keeping me on your email list! I really need the encouragement this week- to keep going. I took a job as a cashier because I needed income, but- I realize I shine with the guests and children that I meet, and that I’m meant to make them smile- often!

  3. This is a great analogy! Thank you, Chris, for your always encouraging words of wisdom.

  4. Five: wear a helmet (thick skin) because a fall can hurt otherwise:)
    Love the analogy!

  5. Totally needed to hear/read this today. Very inciteful. Elbow and knee pads, helmet and body armor might be needed as well. 🙂

    • catugeau says:

      that’s a very good point Jennifer~ and we always do! as in biking, you do want to be as WELL prepared in EVERYway that you can be.
      Afterall….”balance” is occasionally lost on any journey. 🙂

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