I’m most proud to welcome two new artists to our agency this week!  Cathy Gendron comes to us with years of illustration experience in the adult editorial industry, but the love of children’s stories has captured her!  Her work is edgy and richly rendered, and her characters are very much her own!  Roger Motzkus is a beautifully and highly realistic styled painter with years of experience in the more commercial markets, but likewise he’s been bitten by the youth publishing industry.  His sense of humor shines through…a welcome thing these days!  please enjoy their samples here and at www.catugeau.com

a classroom from Roger Motzkus first….   and then a salon day from Cathy Gendron

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  1. Welcome and nice work!
    One thing -I noticed that when I clicked on Cathy’s image it is a broken link (her name works though) – maybe have Nancy look into it?

  2. Nicole says:

    Nice work! Welcome!

  3. OMG, Roger’s work easily rivals ( surpasses?) that of Rockwell!!! I LOVE the look on the boys face to the left:)

    • (blushing…) I’m not sure what to say except – Thank you so much Christine!
      Rockwell has indeed been a big influence in my work. I’ve always loved the way he made facial expressions “larger than life.” 🙂

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