LAUNCH from Patrice Barton!

ROSIE SPROUT’S TIME TO SHINE  ….story by Allison Wortche and pictures by Patrice Barton ( a CAT ARTIST!)  Published by Knopf

Rosie isn’t the ‘best at everything’ like Violet, but wants to be!  where does that lead her with a class project?!   Does she find a way to shine?   endearing and fun….


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3 Responses to LAUNCH from Patrice Barton!

  1. Love that cover illustration, sweetness “Shining” through!

  2. kathytemean says:


    Have to get this book, since I am a fan of both Allison and Patrice. I’m going to have to start giving some of my picture books away to some children. I can’t help buying them, when I see such beautiful artwork.


  3. Patrice does the most sweet, soft little girls EVER! They are always adorable, yet “scruffy”, you want to cuddle whatever she draws:)

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