I’ve Noticed: the art bubbles up……

Last night I had the privilege of presenting, at a Norfolk VA library,to a group of FINE ARTISTS from the Chesapeake area,  I spoke about my business (children’s book publishing and repping illustrators to that industry) and a bit about ART in general, and the Business of art in particular.  I totally enjoyed myself and hope I gave the group some  helpful information, motivation and entertainment as well. 

What I couldn’t help notice and feel while speaking to the group was how fun it was to be speaking to FINE art again.  I am a fine artist myself.  I would have been in that field now had I not gotten so sick with asthma 25 years ago (from the oils and turp.) Today I do paint when I can and always enjoy it…watercolor mostly now.  But my days are full of illustration and illustrators…many of whom ARE fine artists of course as well.

We are SO blessed.  Art, whether painting, writing, music, dancing, acting, is a  part of the you that is YOU.  It can not help but to well up… bubble to the surface almost in spite of us sometimes.  Creativity refuses NOT to be, doesn’t it?  Being creative is a personal gift…but isn’t it wonderful how it seems to want to be shared! We need to give it out…give it away.  Sometimes thankfully for compensation, but we feel the deep drive to be brave and give it to others to enjoy – to think about.  It hit me again last night what a true gift it is to have that bubble in us!  Let’s just let it come to the surface….. as much as possible!   The world can use it……

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