LAND OF MY FATHER’S fathers…….

Today’s post is personal:   I’m leaving tomorrow for Scotland/Wales, the lands where my father’s families on both sides came from. (and my mother’s from England mostly)  It’s taken me a lifetime almost to make this happen, and I couldn’t be more excited!  I’ve connected with my formerly unknown 4th cousin twice removed cousin, John Stevenson and his wife Margaret, who live in Carluke Scotland and will travel with us (and drive, thank the lord!) in Scotland.  Then a driver/guide will take us to North Wales where the Hughes were from as far as we can figure (left in 1700)  and then down through the country to capital Cardiff and onto Heathrow and home. 

I’m completely packed and over ready to go and experience this time with my forefathers.  Will even see our Stevenson cemetery in Dunlop I understand.  Mostly we’ll be on west side of Scotland after a couple of days in Edinburgh and experiencing the Tattoo at the castle! , Oban port and Isle of  Mull, Loch Ness and Inverness, then down to Stirling.  Will miss the East side this trip, (and an invitation for tea from a most generous lady, Jane Yolen!!!)  but I can almost tell already that we’ll go back.  🙂  So till after the 30th …. bonny bye bye!

Wanted to note a lovely review for the Patrice Barton Book MINE, shown in earlier posts and interview.  Always time to BRAG about my artists!!   

MINE! was reviewed online in the August 17, 2011
Children’s Books column of The New York Times Book Review,
which called it
“a delightful example of the drama and
emotion that a nearly wordless book can convey”

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  1. Cheryl says:

    I have family from Scotland, too, Chris. I’m so happy for you. Hope we’ll get to see some pictures. Bon voyage!

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