thanks Priscilla Burris for the memorable moment below…

And that reminded me of my day at BEA last week…Book Expo 2011 at Javits.   I was there on Tues…with my lovely, bright and enthusiastic daughter-in-law Nicole who runs TUGEAU2 agency. Her husband Jeremy is my second child and son…and one of my artists.   Always good to share these experiences… bounce thing off one another.  Makes it a bit easier to keep ones mind as the day goes on too!  Perhaps that is why it was so MEMORABLE.  (a stretch?) Like these two little kids above who are having so much creative fun… they get more out of it when they have a friend.  Maybe they are making their own little MEMORABLE book about MEMORIAL DAY. One they can hold and feel and smell and read together.  🙂       

BEA Tues started with the Children’s Book Breakfast…always a fun group and inspiring! then off we went to SEE everything and everyone.  Well, we saw a lot of wonderful new books, and I passed out many copies of a flyer with our agency BEA books on it. 🙂  We talked to many editors and sales people, and held books both of our artists groups had done this past six months …always a thrill.  We literally bumped into many people in the alleys we hadn’t anticipated seeing, and missed others we had.  ALWAYS the way as one wanders.  It seemed a happy place, full of positive book people.  It felt better maybe than two years ago when we were last there.  I’m sticking to that. 

I think what made the day and event so memorable was that these huge rooms at Javits Center were FILLED with all sorts of books and the people who make them and sell them so others can read them.  What can be better than that!?  Memorable….


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