I’VE NOTICED: Life is…..

This post isn’t really about biz or books or writing or art…. or it’s about ALL of that.  Again, I’ve noticed lately a quote from ALBERT EINSTEIN that is printed on the walls of the Ironbound Gym my husband and I have been going to two evenings a week since Jan. to SPIN.  For those of you who don’t know what that is (and that was ME before Jan!)  it’s a vigorous one hour to music stationary biking experience that, if it doesn’t KILL you, is a fabulous workout.  I have to say when we first walked in the class and saw everyone was easily 30 or more years YOUNGER than us, we did wonder.  Various health problems got a bit in our way, but we overcame and endured and it makes us feel GREAT…and proud and in need of a shower!! 

ANYWAY, I noticed this quote on the wall the first night, and in the midst of all going on my OUR lives the past few years, and all going on in the country and the world, it just seemed VERY VERY wise.  So I’ve decided to share it with you today…..

LIFE IS LIKE RIDING A BICYCLE…..YOU MUST KEEP MOVING TO KEEP YOUR BALANCE.”    Albert Einstein                                                       

ok this isn’t a bicycle…but same principle!  couldn’t find an image of a bike in all my artists samples!!!…. so maybe this IS a comment about ‘children’s book art?’  hmmmm

thank you to Joanne Friar for this wonderfully balanced image

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