FLIP BOARD BOOKS ARE FUN….and this one illustrated by my artist Melissa Iwai, and written by Denise Dowling-Mortensen, has already proved itself to Clarion who published it, and to so many kids who LOVE cars and trucks and bikes and trains etc. etc. 

The original two picture books, Good Night Engines, and Good Morning Engines, were THE favorite of my first 4 grandsons….and one granddaughter!  The oldest (twins now 12) made me read Good Night Engines EACH AND EVERY TIME they spent the night…at least once!  Had to be the LAST goodnight book read too!  So grandson number 5 will have them both together now in a FLIP BOOK he can fall in love with EARLIER! 

Hope you and yours will enjoy them all just as much……………….and just as long……

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1 Response to FLIPPIN’ FUN…..

  1. Cindy Paul says:

    I just love this flip book concept. I have triplets about the age of your twin grandchildren. Their favorites varied but they all loved The Kissing Hand. We had to end each night of reading with a fun little song that had hand movements ending in a hug. It was a variation of the nursery rhyme about the woman who lived in a shoe. There is some research that suggests combining words with touch as a way to promote security and a peaceful night sleep. My kiddos loved it. Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of these flip books and checking out this one. Thanks.

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